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  • Waves Denim Bar & Restaurant

    Possibility of catering service on request and rental of bar&club for various events business/pleisure

    In old hart of Zagreb, in Mesnička street n.6, is situated new destination for all lovers of gastronomy and quality fine wines, “Waves” bar & restaurant.
    “Waves” get it’s name because of “Waves of Love”. It represents love for sailing, sea, sun, friends, good food and wine.

    That is main concept of Waves Denim bar & restaurant – good entertainment, excellent food and fine wines.
    Owner Sandra Bartulović is explaining the concept of Waves: ” In Waves are implemented sequences of my life where I always followed my intuition and was doing things which make me happy. In realisation of this project, by my side I had people on same wave level and everybody who enters in Waves is splashed by wave of optimism, so inside is a lot of different waves.”

    Project of interior was made by architect Damir Radaković and decoration itself is combination of industrial and modern design. In a place where in details and lights are represented nuances of blu and violet colours, we can found a lot of interesting details like bar with all kind of different photographs, two hand made chandeliers made from various cristal glases, interesting vases looking like they came from stories of “1001 nights”, tables with implemented nacre looking like a parts of shells, ceilings full with parfume bottles and walls with names of worlds city – harbours.

    All bar is divided in two parts, where is one part for smoking and one of interesting things is for sure special Waves Gift Shop. In concept of Waves there is also a little gift shop where you will find domestic food products like olive oil, wine, grappa, ham, cheese, truffles and souvenirs.

    Waves Restaurant and bar where many delicious omelets and sandwiches can be enjoyed, where you can lunch and dinner various specialties from wok, grill and  traditional croatian dishes, you can also drink coffee or have refreshing drink or more serious one in bar, and above all you can enjoy beautiful and unusual ambiance.

    Waves has been satisfying visitors for a few years now, both domestic and foreign which are in Zagreb more and more. Their kitchen is based on creative principles. The food they buy is only fresh, bought on Dolac market,  and according to the offer from that market, traditional menus are created daily in a modern way. In Waves they also made by themselves Štrukli from Zagorje , pasta, desserts and sauces that are indispensable ingredient of their sandwiches and other dishes.

    Waves offers rich selected range of croatian wines, grappas and craft beers.